Джейк Коди покинул команду профессионалов PokerStars

В 2013 году покер-про Джейк Коди присоединился к PokerStars Team Pro и представлял покер-рум последние 6 лет. Недавно Джейк заявил о своем уходе из компании и стал 4-ым амбассадором, покинувшим Team Pro за последние 1,5 месяца.

В своем Instagram Коди написал, что время работы в компании было самым незабываемым временем в его жизни. Покер-про безмерно благодарен покер-руму за предоставленные возможности и за знакомства с интересными людьми.

Помимо добрых слов в адрес PokerStars, Джейк отметил, что за последние годы компания внесла несколько серьезных изменений, которые покерное сообщество заслуженно критиковало.

По словам Коди, множество сотрудников PokerStars боролись против этих изменений и отстаивали интересы игроков. Однако эта борьба обернулась не в пользу игроков, поэтому из компании ушло много людей.

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I was a little hesitant to post this as I don’t really like these dramatic-type posts but I was looking through some old photos and couldn’t help but smile and felt motivated to post something to thank everyone if anything, as I’m feeling very grateful. Back in 2013 I signed with PokerStars and I was announced in January at PCA as part of Team Pro, which at the time really was the clear pinnacle of poker endorsements. One of my proudest moments ever. It was also kind of fitting that the most recent PCA event turned out to be my last. It’s hard to find the right words to justify it but I had THE most amazing and unforgettable time and cannot thank them enough for the opportunity and people who I have met and the memories I have made over the years. It was 6 years and over half of my twenties, Pokerstars has been a huge part of my life. The company went through some huge changes over the past few years and they have had a lot of rightly deserved critics during most of my time there but I can guarantee you there was ALWAYS lots of people throughout the entire company who were fighting extremely hard for the best interests of the poker community. A lot of those battles were lost and a lot of people left because of it. There’s really too many people to name everyone, but I do want to give a special thank you to John Caldwell, the man who originally signed me and to both Kirsty Thompson and Dave Curtis, who always had faith in me and had my back in every situation from day one. From the bottom of my heart a huge thank you to everyone I met along the way, friends I made in and out of Stars and everyone who supported me. Big love and see you all around ❤️

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